Clavister InControl 1.40.08


Clavister har släppt version 1.40.08 av administrationsverktyget InControl. Den nya versionen innehåller utöver ett tjugotal buggfixar (se nedan) även en uppdaterad version av biblioteket OpenSSL.Net (version 0.5).

Certezza rekommenderar att samtliga kunder som kör InControl uppgraderar till denna version.

Kontakta Certezza Support vid frågor,
Telefon: 08-791 92 00

Buggfixar i InControl 1.40.08

ICC-2166After changing the IP address for a Security Gateway the old address would be used if InControl could not establish a connection to the new address.
ICC-2166After changing the IP address for a Security Gateway the old address would be used if InControl could not establish a connection to the new address.
ICC-4457It is no longer possible to view Security Gateway permissions by right clicking on them.
ICC-5024The Log Explorer source port value would be incorrect when viewed under the Event Details tab.
ICC-5262The Delete button was enabled on Security Gateways even if users did not have permission to delete them.
ICC-5269Newly added objects were incorrectly removed if the Cancel button was pressed on a configuration page.
ICC-5457It was possible to set incorrect key sizes on IKE and IPsec algorithm objects.
ICC-5459When editing objects inline some fields that only accepted Yes or No values were editable. These field values are now selected with a dropdown menu.
ICC-5507IP addresses that were not part of an Address Book object would be cleared when switching source and destination addresses for IP rules.
ICC-5547It was not possible to open dropdown menus by using the keyboard when editing objects inline.
ICC-5576When creating a DSA certificate the first phase progress bar would not be displayed as complete even though the certificate was successfully created.
ICC-5577A sort order indicator was not displayed for the grid view index column.
ICC-5579It was not possible to change values by pressing the enter key when editing objects inline.
ICC-5585The “Require all filters to match” value would not be saved when saving a Log Explorer query.
ICC-5595It was not possible to see if cluster nodes had errors or warnings unless the cluster was expanded in the Security Gateways tab. An icon and a status text is now displayed if one or both of the cluster nodes contain errors or warnings.
ICC-5596It was not possible to search for items in the interface and service dropdown menus of IP rules.
ICC-5600The Address Translation column was empty for objects displayed in an IP Rule Set folder.
ICC-5612The CLR Distribution Point value was not correctly displayed for certificates.
ICC-5617When editing a Service object port field inline and pressing tab, its value would be copied to the protocol column.
ICC-5618It was not possible to move multiple objects into folders if the configuration contained a large number of items.
ICC-5623InControl would stop responding if clicking the Content Control tab of an Application rule and no application had been selected.
ICC-5636When editing an IP rule name inline its value would be replaced with “31” if it contained too many characters.
ICC-5639Security Gateways that were not added in InControl but added in a Logging Agent would be displayed when creating a query in the Log Explorer.
ICC-5645Command-line arguments passed to the InControl client were case sensitive.
ICC-5646Some Log Analyzer query templates would return incorrect results.