Clavister InControl 1.50


Clavister har släppt version 1.50 av InControl. Nytt i denna version är möjligheten att skapa HTML- och PDF-baserade rapporter som innehåller grafer eller listor. Ett antal fördefinierade rapporter inkluderas, men administratören har även möjlighet att inkludera egna sökningar från Log Analyzer. Utöver den nya rapportfunktionen har Clavister åtgärdat ett antal buggar i tidigare versioner av mjukvaran, samt gjort det möjligt att aktivera loggning på regler direkt i regelverket.

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Buggfixar i InControl 1.50

ICC-4160It was possible to select invalid domain groups when adding a new group. These groups are no longer displayed.
ICC-4764It was not always possible to edit the time span value in the Log Explorer and Log Analyzer query builders by using the keyboard.
ICC-4796The “Delay between deployments” value was not saved between cluster deploys.
ICC-4895The InControl server would start even if its configured port was in use by another application. The server will now stop and output a log message if this occurs. The InControl client would also wait for a valid response indefinitely when trying to log in. A timeout is now set that aborts the log in attempt after a certain period of time.
ICC-4910Configuration changes that had been done locally on Security Gateways would be downloaded and overwrite newer checked in configurations if the gateway was unreachable from InControl.
ICC-4930It was not always possible to add a member of an existing cluster as a single Security Gateway to InControl.
ICC-5311An error message would be displayed when viewing the Address Book page if malformed XML data was contained in the clipboard.
ICC-5506It was possible to create users with invalid names.
ICC-5561It was not always possible to log in using domain authentication against an InControl server running on Windows Server 2012.
ICC-5634Configuration changes would be automatically deployed when adding Security Gateways in InControl.
ICC-5635Not all intended files were removed when uninstalling InControl.
ICC-5643Revision history entries for a Security Gateway were not sorted correctly if a change was made to it while the Revision History tab was open.
ICC-5649The Log Analyzer Security Gateway filter did not display gateways from the currently selected Logging Agent.
ICC-5651If a High Availability cluster was checked out and local changes were made on one of the cluster members, InControl would overwrite the checked out changes with the new configuration. A dialog box is now displayed that asks if the new configuration should be loaded.
ICC-5655It was not possible to select the year 2015 when selecting the log re-scan start time.
ICC-5668All Security Gateways would sometimes not be added to the Log Explorer query builder if the current user did not have permission to view one or more gateways.
ICC-5707It was not possible to change hours and minutes when configuring the start and end date of a schedule.
ICC-5728The Log Analyzer would not display any results if the “Limit slices to” setting was enabled and the Infobright database was used.