Clavister InControl 1.40.07


Clavister har släppt version 1.40.07 av managementverktyget InControl. Nytt i denna version är förbättrad användarvänlighet vid inloggning samt prestandaförbättringar i loggsökningar. 1.40.07 rättar även till sex kända fel i mjukvaran (se nedan för buggfixar).

Kontakta Certezza Support vid frågor,
Telefon: 08-791 92 00

Buggfixar i InControl 1.40.07

ICC-5445When configuring IPsec tunnel IKE Settings the DH groups lost their description when none of them were selected.
ICC-5476If a URL was added immediately after renaming the URL filter it belonged to the new name was not saved.
ICC-5513Drop-down lists were sometimes not closed after selecting a value from them.
ICC-5519The “Move to domain…” menu option was enabled even though no object was selected.
ICC-5572After aborting a query in the Log Explorer the next query would sometimes not return any results.
ICC-5611A configuration check-in error would sometimes occur when converting an offline gateway to online if it was running cOS Core version 10.21 or higher.